Online Renewable Energy Training - IUS Life, 01 - 05.12.2020.


IUS LIFELONG LEARNING CENTER organizes ONLINE Renewable Energy Training
Date: 01/12/2020-05/12/2020
Duration: 21 hours
Time: 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM
Fee: 250 KM

A comprehensive training program in Renewable Energy technologies, Photo-Voltaic, and wind turbines

The training program has two parts, the theory part (by Dr. Mohamed E. Yahia) and the workshop part (by Eng. Nesib Mandzic, Electro Test Co.)

Introduce the value and practical functionality of Renewable energy technologies.
Provide the know-how to those who want to start working in the field
The trainee will be able to calculate, install, and operate a renewable energy system by the end of the training program.

Increase privately owned and operated power generation from renewable sources within the market-based framework

Register here. For more information, please contact IUS Life (tel: 033 957 188 or e-mail: